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California Roll

California Roll

With avocado and pickled cucumber : Tamari sauce included

8 Pieces : Sushi in 10 minutes



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How to enjoy

Do not thaw in refrigerator. Keep frozen until ready to prepare.
Quick Hot Water Bath

Use hot tap water (not boiling). Water temperature may vary.

  • Remove sleeve, put FROZEN sushi package in hot water.
  • Tip: Place heavy dish on package to ensure it is fully submerged.
  • Set timer for 7 to 9 mins. If still cold to touch, return to hot water for 1 or 2 mins until fully thawed. Remove from water and let rest at room temperature for 3 to 5 mins before serving.


For the yummiest sushi our chefs recommend enjoying it not too warm or too cold, ideally at room temperature (16-21ºC or 60-70ºF). If too cold, continue to heat until fully thawed. If too warm, pop sushi in the refrigerator for 5 mins. Enjoy!



Microwave Appliances vary (adjust times as needed).

  • Remove FROZEN sushi, arrange in a circle on microwave safe plate so they are not touching. Cover with damp paper towel.
  • Heat for 30 seconds, adding 10 seconds at a time until fully thawed (rotate plate as needed to ensure even thawing). Let rest for 5 mins until sushi reaches room temperature.

Room Temperature Thawing

Ready by lunch!

  • Thaw FROZEN sushi in package at room temperature (not in refrigerator) for minimum of 2.5 hours.
  • Tip: Take sushi to work or school in the morning and it will be ready by lunch!

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